Produceme Live is the official point of sale for the events created by Produceme, promotion and event production office for the entertainment and sports fields.

Its management capacity offers a variety of integral services of all kinds for the productions and promotion of shows and events of any type, with a human team with more than 15 years of experience in the musical field, collaborating and working in national and international big projects.

The company counts with a philosophy based on closeness, innovation, creativity and cooperation.


The ticketing of an event is a complex process that involves everything related to the sale of tickets for the event. The organization and coordination of the tickets sale implies the commercialization strategies and establishing the prices for the tickets as well as keeping the contact between all the involved parties (artist, venue, ticketing services, etc.). The ticketing department is also in charge of seating and capacity control, among other tasks involved.

The ticketing process department doesn’t end its job until the event finishes, as its essential an accurate and correct control of the sales. Our experience backs us up in every facet of the process.

Online Communication

The advent of the internet and its different channels of online communications, including social networks, revolutionized the communications panorama in the events field. The preparation of a communication strategy -identifying the target audiences, defining and designing efficient and understandable messages as well as publishing them- have found new surroundings in which the amplification of the messages is developed in a never-imagined scale.

Offline Communication

The explosion of the online communication cannot make the traditional communication strategies disappear, techniques that we manage with precision depending on the necessities of the each one of the projects: national promotion, in television, radio and written press; local promotion to encourage the sale of events; design and broadcasting of press releases; live promotional events management, etc. Mixing both areas, online and offline communication, can result in the biggest event ever.